Health is Wealth, Spreading the LOVE✨

Sí Mas, Sea Moss came to light during the infamous COVID-19 shutdown we all have weathered. I was searching for ways to boost my immunity and health as well as my loved ones’. I had started my holistic journey in 2012 due to illness and had dabbled in the knowledge of SEA MOSS. I decided to do more research on it. Finally, one day I came to the conclusion that I needed it in my life! I started making the Sea Moss Gel and perfecting it. At first, I was providing it for close family and friends and then I started getting orders. Once the orders kept coming, I decided that I needed to share this knowledge and secret with everyone I came into contact with. The shop also provides organic handcrafted Sea Moss SOAPS and smudging bundles. & by the way: SEA MOSS contains 92 minerals out of 102 that our bodies NEED, it is the ultimate Super Food. Life is about sharing and spreading love, after all, and HEALTH IS WEALTH!

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